Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship

Today we are going to introduce – Higher study in Sweden -Scholarship for MBA degree in Stockholm School of Economics. If you are interested to study in Sweden, then this opportunity is for you. However, this scholarship is not for any field of education. It is particularly for Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) programs. An MBA degree can be beneficial in many different ways. Starting from career development to career advancement, an MBA degree is helpful in different phase of career. In an addition, when you earn the degree from a reputed business school, it becomes more effective. The Stockholm School of Economics is such a reputed and top rank business school. That is why trying to get an MBA degree from here is going to be an excellent choice.

Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship

Why Applying for MBA Scholarship?

However, it is not all about merit. It is true that an MBA degree is expensive. You have to pay a huge tuition fee during your MBA study period. Moreover, there are other educational expenses. That is why it is not affordable to everyone. However, a scholarship can reduce the burden of tuition fee and educational expenses. In this article, we have presented one of the top MBA scholarships. The Stockholm School of Economics offer this scholarship every year. If you want to pursue an MBA degree from here, grab this opportunity without wasting a second. So, how to start? Let’s start by knowing a little more about this scholarship.

Scholarship Summary

Let’s have a look at the scholarship summary. You must know the application deadline, location of the scholarship and field of study before proceeding for an application. Here are the pieces of information:

  • Deadline: June 29
  • Scholarship in Sweden
  • Master’s Scholarship / Scholarship for MBA

The scholarship summary says that the application deadline is normally 29 June of every year. The deadline is a tentative deadline here. It may change. And this scholarship is to study in Sweden. If you want to study MBA or Master degree program, then you can apply for it. We are pretty sure that you have been asking about the benefits this scholarship offer. This is what we are going to learn in the next section.

Amount of Scholarship:

Let’s see what this scholarship offers. That means what are the benefits of this scholarship.

  • Opportunity to have industry level work experience
  • Full tuition fee coverage
  • The equivalent amount is SEK 465,000

The fund of this scholarship covers from Dagens Industri and And the Stockholm School of Economics organizes it. The amount this scholarship offers is a very good amount. You may be wondering if you can apply for this scholarship. Let’s see the eligibility for this scholarship.

Can I Apply for this MBA Scholarship?

Yes, you can apply for this scholarship if you fulfill the eligibility criteria. So, what on earth eligibility criteria are? Every scholarship targets some specific group. And eligibility criteria make sure that the required group of people can apply. So, what are the eligibility criteria of this scholarship? Here they are:

  • Candidate must have to strong command over English,
  • Minimum 5 years of practical work-experience is mandatory,
  • Candidate must be a graduate with at least 180 academic credit hours completed.

That’s it! If you fulfill the above eligibility criteria, you can apply for this scholarship. It does not require that many criteria, right? However, in order to apply for this MBA scholarship, you must have to be a student of Stockholm School of Economics. Which leads to one more barrier. That is – the admission requirements of Stockholm School of Economics. Let’s see what are the admission requirements of Stockholm School of Economics.

Admission Requirements of Stockholm School of Economics

We have already learned that the Stockholm School of Economics is one of the top business schools of the world. And it makes it sure that candidates with top notch quality can get admitted. That is why they have prepared a set of admission requirement that ensures proper filtering during admission. Here are the admission requirements of Stockholm School of Economics:

1. Bachelor’s degree
Should contain at least 90 ECTS in Business Administration (including up to 30 ECTS in Economics), with a minimum of 20 ECTS in Accounting and Finance. ​

Students in their last year of the Bachelor program are welcome to apply and must upload a document in the application with the remaining courses in their degree.

2. GMAT or GRE test result
– GMAT (total score) of 600 or more
– GRE score (quantitative) of 155 or more​

Applicants with a Bachelor of Science degree from a Swedish university are not required to submit GMAT/GRE test scores.

3. Proof of proficiency in English
We accept the following options as proof of your proficiency in English:

– IELTS Academic score at least 7 
– TOEFL iBT total score at least 100
– English as native language
– Bachelor’s degree from a program conducted completely in English
– Qualifications “English B/6” from Swedish upper secondary school
– Upper Secondary School under the curriculum of International Baccalaureate

4. Motivation & supporting attachments

  • Letter of motivation answering a question why you are interested in the program and why you are a suitable candidate.
  • Brief CV with your recent achievements
  • Relevant work experience and extracurricular activities may be considered.
  • References are not required, but we give a possibility to submit them. Only contact details of your referees are needed from your side.

Successful students of the MSc Program in Accounting, Valuation and Financial Management tend to have at least four courses in Accounting and Finance and a strong academic record.

How to Apply for this MBA Scholarship?

Alright! We have learned almost everything about Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship. Now it is time to apply for it. So, how to apply for this scholarship. In this section, we are going to answer this question. And to make the application process easier, we have prepared a step by step application process for you. Follow these steps and you will face no difficulty in applying for this scholarship.

  1. First of all check you are eligible from the eligibility criteria.
  2. If you are eligible, then check the admission requirements.
  3. If the admission requirements are okay, then click on the ‘Application Form‘ to apply for admission in MBA program in Stockholm School of Economics.
  4. Then wait for the response of the admission committee.
  5. If they accept your application and send you the offer letter, follow their instruction and get admitted to Stockholm School of Economics.
  6. Once you are a student of this institution, you can apply for this MBA scholarship
  7. Use ‘Scholarship Link‘ to apply for this scholarship.

So, we have learned everything about this scholarship. We believe that this article is going to be very helpful for you to complete your scholarship application process. An MBA degree plays a vital role in the career development. If you are a high achiever with a dream to be successful in life, get an MBA degree from Stockholm School of Economics is one of the top business schools of the world, you can apply for admission in MBA program here. And if tuition fee and educational expenses are the barrier, holding you back. The Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarship is going to help you.

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