Cover letter for scholarship also refers to application letter scholarship plays a major role in selection process of scholarship. This is the first documents after being considered as eligible and fulfilling the requirements the scholarship selection committee evaluates. If the cover letter can impress the committee, then the candidate have higher chance, in some extent 100% chance of getting the scholarship. At the same time, scholarship seekers should keep in mind that the scholarship selection committee deals with hundreds of application every day. It not possible for them to go through lengthy and verbose cover letter to learn entire biography of your life. Most of the scholarship applicants make this mistake and lose their chance of getting a scholarship. So, the question is – how to write a cover letter for scholarship? Well, this is the topic of this article. Today, we will learn how to write an effective and impressive cover letter for scholarship.

Is Cover Letter and Application Letter for Scholarship Same?

Before delving into details, let us clear out one confusion. Many candidates get confused in between scholarship application letter and scholarship cover letter. Both these are same. Sometimes they are referred to cover letter. Sometimes they are called application letter. Later in this article, when we will see the sample cover letters for scholarship, there will be no confusion at all. For the time being, if you think that this article is for scholarship cover letter and you need to find another source to learn about scholarship application letter, take a deep breath, relax and keep reading. You do not need to go to anywhere else. This article is the best guidance to follow to write an effective and impressive cover letter for scholarship application. The article title says it is about ‘Cover Letters for Scholarship’. And we just learned the cover letter for scholarship and application letter for scholarship is the same thing. So nothing to worry about. Let us continue and learn how to prepare a brief yet impressive and effective cover letter for scholarship.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Scholarship Application

Let us start with a question – why do we write cover letters? I want you to think for a while. Say that you are a member of scholarship selection committee. It is your responsibility find out the top 10 candidates. There are 10,000 cover letters in front of you. How will you choose the top candidates from 10,000 cover letters? Close your eyes and imagine. It’s a nightmare, right? Will you be interested to a candidate who has 4-5 pages long cover letter filled with unnecessary and irrelevant contents? I am pretty sure you will discard that cover letter at the very beginning.

Now think that there is a well-organized one page cover letter. The candidate has represented himself, his need and quality in an excellent way. You are impressed. Suddenly you saw a spelling mistake. Will you be considerate? You are in an ocean of cover letters. Obviously you will discard that one and look for a better one, won’t you. Say you are checking the cover letters and you find an impressive one. The letter was convincing and you were about to put green signal for the candidate. Right at that moment you found a grammatical mistake. What will be your decision? Obviously you will discard the scholarship application. You may think instead of explaining how to write a cover letter, why this author has started writing stories. Well this actually the first step of writing an effective cover letter for scholarship application. You have to imagine yourself as a member of scholarship selection committee where it is your responsibility to find out the best cover letter from thousands of application. When you will imagine yourself there, you will understand what to include and what not to include in a scholarship application cover page.

Let us highlight the most important things to keep in mind while writing a cover letter for scholarship application.

  1. Make it Easier to Understand: Remember, the goal of a cover letter is to convince the selection committee that you are the best candidate for the scholarship. If they cannot even understand what you wrote, there is no chance that you will be selected. That is why, always use easy to understand representation. Do not use uncommon and confusing words. Make sure your sentences are not too long or verbose. Use short sentences, common words and common phrases. However, do not take any informal approach. Remember, the scholarship selection committee members are not your friend or family members. Make sure your simplicity of expression is not crossing any personal boundary. Ensure a formal representation of your thoughts in the cover letter.
  2. Highlight the Reason of Application: Explain the reason of applying for the scholarship. Make sure your reasons are valid and strong enough to convince the members of scholarship selection committee. Do not try to fool the committee by fake emotional claims. Do not write unnecessary background to support your reasons in the cover letter. If your mentioned reasons convince the committee, then they will ask for valid proof or supporting documents of the reason if necessary. You do not need to start from the beginning of time and explaining everything that put you in the situation of asking for a scholarship.
  3. Demonstrates Your Achievements: You have to highlight your achievements in the cover letter. You may have a lot of achievements. It is not wise to put everything on the cover letter. In the previous article –“How to Get a Scholarship”, we have learned that we need to study about the scholarship before applying. That means you know what type of quality the scholarship providers want in a candidate. Highlight only those achievements which matches with the quality the selection committee is looking for in a candidate. For example – if you are applying for sports scholarship, make sure you are demonstrating your achievements in sports. If you highlight your achievement in community service while applying for a sports scholarship, things will not go the way you expect.
  4. Be Confident: Prepare the cover letter in such a way that demonstrate that you are confident that you will be selected for the scholarship. Do not beg for it. With your quality, competencies and achievement, prepare the cover letter in such a way that takes you to the position which cannot be denied. For example – “Please be kind enough to consider me as a potential candidate” has no sense of confidence. Instead if you approach would be like this – “My potentials proven by my achievements can serve the department in best possible way if nurtured with this scholarship”. It clearly demonstrate your confidence.
  5. Prove that You are a Team Player: There is a wise saying – ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’. What may not be possible for an individual, is possible for a team. Where these is a tendency of expressing oneself as a team leader in cover letters, very few candidates diverse from the mainstream and express themselves as team players. It is evaluated by the scholarship selection committee with great compassion. Because a team leader may ask for a leading position. But a team player is a fit for any position. As you are looking for a scholarship position, try to demonstrate yourself as a team player. I am going to say ‘truest me’ here. It will distinguish your scholarship cover letter from many others’.
  6. Mistakes are Deadly! Be Careful: No matter how much qualified you are, no matter how perfectly you represent everything in the cover letter, even it is the best representation, spelling and grammatical mistakes can still cause serious damage. If there is any spelling mistake in your cover letter, be sure that it will be discarded. If there is any grammatical mistake in the cover letter, without any doubt, your application will be rejected. Double check if there is any spelling or grammatical mistakes before submitting the scholarship cover letter.

Example is Better than Perception – Sample Cover Letters for Scholarship Application

Example is always better than perception. However, one cannot deny the necessity of advice. In the previous section, we have shared valuable advice of writing cover letters. However, we do not want to say good bye with advices only. Because we understand how well the example serves their purposes. In this section, 5 sample cover letters for scholarship have been included. You can download the cover letters, modify as per the advice of the previous section and your quality and use them for scholarship application.

We hope these well written cover letters for scholarship cover letters will help you in your scholarship application process. Scholarship cover letters play a vital role in the scholarship selection process. A good cover letter will always help you staying ahead in the scholarship competition. Many qualified candidates, I must say deserving candidate too, get rejected only for having mistaken in cover letters. There are hundreds of example of less qualified candidates outperform qualified candidates simply by presenting impressive and precise cover letters. We are, the team, are dedicated to help you getting a scholarship in easiest possible way. We hope this article will help you preparing a perfect cover letter and outperforming other candidates.

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