HIT Scholarship in China

Deadline: June 15

Scholarship in China

Scholarship for Undergraduate Program / Bachelor Degree  Scholarship / Master’s Degree Scholarship

China is developing faster than ever. It has become one of the world’s most strong leaders. In order to spread Chinese culture and to gain diversity in education sectors, Chinese Government offers hundreds of scholarship every year. Not only the Chinese Government, but also the universities of China offer a large number of scholarship. That is why higher studies in china is always beneficial. Because scholarship in China is always available. Unlike scholarship in USA or scholarship in UK, getting a scholarship in China is easier. Moreover, education cost in China is not very high. At the same time living cost in China is also affordable for most of the mid-level income family. That’s why higher studies in China is always attractive. And scholarship in China makes it more attractive. In scholarshipin.com, we have gather the top scholarships of China. In scholarshipin.com you will find information about scholarship in China, how to apply for scholarship in China, eligibility of scholarship in China and much more.

The new HIT Qingrui Scholarship is on offer for all international students to study in China. Non-Chinese nationals are eligible to apply for this scholarship programme.

In order to encourage and attract more excellent International students to study at HIT, develop English-medium courses, Harbin Institute of Technology and Daqing Zhongyou Qingrui Petroleum Technology Co. Ltd. co-founded HIT-Qingrui Scholarship for International Students (hereinafter referred to as Qingrui Scholarship).

The Harbin Institute of Technology is a research university in China and a member of China’s elite C9 League. HIT has consistently produced distinct graduates set apart by our values of academic excellence and intercultural exchange.

Amount of Scholarship:

First-class Scholarship: exempt from tuition fee, housing fee, and living allowance will be provided (bachelor: 1000RMB/month, master: 1300RMB/month);
Second-class Scholarship: exempt from tuition fee and housing fee;
Third-class Scholarship: exempt from tuition fee.

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for scholarship:

  • Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals in good health.
  • International Students who want to come to HIT to study English-medium bachelor or master degrees, Chinese-medium bachelor degrees with a strong academic background
  • The scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarship.

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

Application material:


  • Application Form of Qingrui Scholarship for Outstanding International Students
  • High school graduation certificate (notarized photocopy). If applicants are high school students, they should provide a pre-graduation certificate.
  • Transcripts (notarized photocopy)
  • Chinese courses: HSK-4 certificate (except for Chinese literature)
  • Study plan
  • Passport copy


  • Application Form of Qingrui Scholarship for Outstanding International Students
  • Highest Diploma (notarized photocopy). If applicants are university students, they should provide a pre-graduation certificate.
  • Transcripts (notarized photocopy)
  • A study or research plan
  • Two recommendation letters
  • English: TOEFL (90)/ IELTS (5.5)
  • Passport Copy

Application Form

Scholarship Link


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