International MBA Full-Tuition Scholarship in China

Deadline: March 31

Scholarship in China

Scholarship for Master’s Program / Scholarship for Postgraduate Program

China is developing faster than ever. It has become one of the world’s most strong leaders. In order to spread Chinese culture and to gain diversity in education sectors, Chinese Government offers hundreds of scholarship every year. Not only the Chinese Government, but also the universities of China offer a large number of scholarship. That is why higher studies in china is always beneficial. Because scholarship in China is always available. Unlike scholarship in USA or scholarship in UK, getting a scholarship in China is easier. Moreover, education cost in China is not very high. At the same time living cost in China is also affordable for most of the mid-level income family. That’s why higher studies in China is always attractive. And scholarship in China makes it more attractive. In, we have gather the top scholarships of China. In you will find information about scholarship in China, how to apply for scholarship in China, eligibility of scholarship in China and much more.

The Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) and The Renmin University of China BusinessSchool (RBS) are delighted to offer ACYA-RBS International MBA Scholarship for the year 2017. International (Non-Chinese) students are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

The Australia-China Youth Association (ACYA) is the only political NFP run for members, by members that work to actively foster a transnational community of young Australians and Chinese interested in further understanding each other’s countries.

Successful candidates will be required to take the GRE or GMAT standardized test in April 2017 (GRE DI: 3735 Renmin U China School Business).

  • Scholarships are available to pursue Master degree programme.
  • Scholarships are awarded in the field of Business Administration.

Amount of Scholarship:

The Scholarship will provide an ACYA member with a full-tuition scholarship for the 2-year degree. Through applying for this scholarship, applicants will also be considered for government and city based scholarships on offer at RUC.

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

Eligibility requirements are:

  • Two years or longer of relevant work experience
  • A bachelor’s degree or above
  • A competitive GMAT or GRE score (can be submitted after selection, GMAT preferred)
  • Non-Chinese citizenship

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements:  Students must have a bachelor’s degree or above.

English language Requirements: Successful candidates will be required to take the GRE or GMAT standardised test in April 2017 (GRE DI: 3735 Renmin U China School Business).

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

Please send the following materials to by March 31:

  • A cover letter outlining how you meet the above criteria and how the program will benefit you
  • An up to date resume
  • Completed application form
  • A completed IMBA Scholarship form
  • A copy of bachelor or higher degree certificates
  • A copy of official transcripts
  • Two recommendation letters
  • A copy of your passport main page
  • Four recent passport photos (can be submitted at a later date)

Application Form

Scholarship Link


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